Turkish Citizenship Application

The minimum requirements and recent changes regarding Turkish Citizenship;
According to a article published in the official journal of Turkeybon19.09.2018 it states that regulation changes have been made in order to make the citizenship application process more convenient.
Foreigners that visit Turkey under normal conditions, come to Turkey with a normal visa or with a visa exempt ,however foreigners who wish to stay are required to apply for a residence permit or a work permit. Foreigners that are applying for Turkish citizenship have to commit to the time frame and minimum requirements set by the Turkish Ministry under the Turkish citizenship law for foreigners under article 5901 of the Turkish Law.
Turkish citizenship act 9601 has been accepted on 12.12.2016 and some requirements have been added to the law. In this context, fixed capital investors, real estate investors, business owners that create employment, Investors that hold their money in Turkish banks and investors that purchase State borrowing tools can all apply for Turkish citizenship.