According to the statistics of 2018, Turkey is the 17th biggest economy with a GDP exceeding 849 Billion Dollar, Together with Turkeys strategic location which is providing a bridge between 3 continents is also known to be on one of the most important trade routes. Turkey has been on important trade routes for many centuries including the silk road and spice trades routes and Turkey still is one of the main trade cities in the world today.
The main objective for Turkey is to enter the top 10 economies by 2023, especially from the beginning of the 2000s Turkey has exhibited a serious economic growth. The Turkish economy who reached a record growth has managed a 9.2% growth in 2010 and 8.8% in 2011, which creates a constant increasing interest from Foreign Capital and Foreign Investors from all over the world. As a natural result of this situation is that nowadays, thousands of foreigners prefer to come to Turkey for tourism, health, education and labor purposes, especially foreigners from neighboring countries.

In Recent years besides the common tourism and work purposes Turkey is also preferred for educational purposes. Turkey has become one of the main student center of this area. According to 2016 statistics, 61,116 people applied for a student residence permit in Turkey. Students registered on Primary, secondary and higher educational institutions in our country are students from different levels and have the right to study all over Turkey. Most of the foreign students in Turkey according tp the statistics of 2016 are from the following countries; Azerbaijan (10,528 students), Turkmenistan (6,600 students), Afghanistan (3,803 students), Iraq (3,438 students) and Syria (3,367 students). The count of Elementary students is 166 thousand students with Syrian students on the first place, while students from Iraq and Afghanistan have a respectively count of 23 and 12 thousand students.